Exercises for Lower Back Pain Help Keep Muscles and Bones Strong

Do you often find yourself rubbing your lower back after spending a considerable amount of time sitting? Actually, there are times when your back bothers you no matter what you’re doing. If so, you may already be suffering from lower back pain.


If lower back pains bother you, assess the severity of the pain. Chronic lower back pain needs diagnosis before any self-medication. Lower back pain which is caused by prolonged sitting or wrong sitting postures, stress, unhealthy lifestyles or excessive body weight or obesity must be corrected accordingly. Doing exercises for lower back pain is also beneficial.

Needless to say, you need to consult with your doctor as soon as you start feeling lower back pain. Your doctor will take an image of your lower back to assess the situation before prescribing the right treatment. He could recommend several exercises to go along with specially formulated medicines to nip the problem in the bud.

If you have time to do work outs in the house, there are many exercises for lower back pain that one can do. While lying flat on one’s back, beginners can do 10 counts of Heel Slides, Ankle Pumps, Straight Leg Raises and Abdominal Contractions. Those in intermediate levels can do Single Knee to Chest Stretch and Hamstring Stretch while holding the positions for about 20 seconds on each leg. If relatively stronger, one can try the advanced routines like Hip Flexor Stretch and Piriformis Stretch. Swiss balls can be used to add interest and variation to the exercises. Lumbar stabilization exercises with the Swiss ball include routines while lying on the floor, sitting on the ball or while standing. Even use of treadmill and stationary bike can help by keeping the spine straight when doing the exercises.

For those who are kept at work most of the time, there are exercises for lower back pain that can be done in the office. What are some of the exercises that you can do while at work or anywhere which will not use any gadgets and will not require lying down?

  • Wall Squats

Stand with your back against the wall while planting your feet about a foot from the base of the wall. Slowly move to a squat position with the abdominal muscles tight and until the knees are bent to 45 degrees. Move up to the starting position and repeat routine ten times.

  • Heel Raises

Face the wall this time. Lay hand against the wall for balance. Stand with weight evenly distributed on both feet. Slowly raise heels up and down for 10 counts again.

Exercises for lower back pain can help strengthen muscles and bones to ease discomfort. Whether pain is chronic or acute, these simple routines can help.